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Soilcquest research practical and adoptable agro-ecological systems and technologies to enable farmers to capture the many co-benefits created by increased carbon in their farmscapes.

Soilcquest- Website Design

We are a Not For Profit (NFP) research organisation with a dedicated agenda to realise the potential of agriculture as a global force in carbon drawdown and climate change mitigation.

We are a grassroots organisation with a passion for agriculture and a vision for a future where both our industry and the environment thrive.

We are on-the-ground practitioners, working closely with other landholders and understand the culture and daily on-farm context as to what drives decisions and change. We recognise the resourcefulness of our industry and the importance of facilitating and enabling farming system concepts by providing support and scientific validation. We look to provide scientific validation for grassroots ideas and promote peer to peer learning to deliver on our mission.

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