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Is it time to spring clean your website?

bdigital - July 15, 2020 - 0 comments

Is it time to spring clean your website?

We may still be in the depths of winter, but Spring is just around the corner and that’s  a great time for renewals and fresh starts. For many of us, it’s about removing or updating the old and maybe even bringing in some new stuff. The same goes for websites. Every website out there needs a refresher now and then to ensure that everything’s working perfectly well, meeting your goals, and looking good. So, is your website in need of a spring clean? Here’s how to tell.

Update your content and information

Does your website still speak about your brand’s personality? Does it still embody your company’s mission, vision, and goals? Are your blogs still aligned with your latest products and services? If your answer is “no” to all or any of these questions, then it’s time to get the old content duster out and spring clean your website.

Nothing is more unprofessional-looking than a website full of outdated and inaccurate information. Keep your company information updated and post blog articles regularly to give your website a steady stream of fresh content that stimulates the interest of your audience and grabs the attention of search engines.

Redesign and give your website a fresh look

Just like your home décor, your website should also undergo a redesign to give it a fresh look as your brand’s personality continues to evolve. The frequency of redesigning your website depends on the changing preferences of your target audience and industry.

It’s worth investing in a professional website designer to develop your fresh new look. Good designers have expertise in colours, fonts, and the emotions associated with them. What’s even better is hiring an SEO expert to optimise your website to ensure that your organic traffic increases.

Check that your links are working

Nothing is more disappointing for your website’s visitors than clicking a link they are interested in only to be redirected to that dreaded 404 page. Broken or outdated links lower your credibility, trustworthiness, and professionalism. If your internal and external links point to pages that are either broken or outdated, your online visibility and SEO will suffer.

Ideally, checking for broken or outdated links should be done monthly, but if you haven’t done it for a while, make sure you include it in your spring cleaning tasks. You can use a free broken link checker to simplify the process and save time, then update any broken links you discover.

Proofread it

We’re sure you proofread your website before it went live, but some errors just have the surprising ability to go unnoticed. If you can’t make it a habit to regularly proofread your site, at least do so when you’re spring cleaning. You’ll be surprised to find errors that may have been sitting there for months or even years.

Yes, if you have a lot of pages and blogs, it can be time-consuming, but it will be worth it, rather than keeping those embarrassing typo and grammatical errors for all your visitors to see. Remember, those errors can slip from your scrutinising eyes like a thief in the night, so make sure that you have your eagle eyes on when proofreading.

Re-evaluate or renew your domain and hosting plans

Evaluating your site’s domain every year helps you identify if it still clearly conveys your company’s personality and targeted keywords. Ensure that they are catchy, easy to remember, and concise. If you’re doing a re-branding exercise, analyse if your current domain still fits your brand’s new personality and identity.

It’s also a great idea to regularly check your hosting plan since most hosting providers require annual renewal. Your website will not be able to function without a hosting provider but make sure that they are trustworthy, skilled, experienced, and easy to work with.

Reassess your website’s mobile-friendliness

From mobile responsiveness to mobile-friendliness, mobile should always be a part of your marketing strategy since most users now use their mobile phones more than they do to their laptops or other computers to browse online. When you do your spring cleaning, review how good your website looks on your own mobile and take the necessary actions based on your findings.

What you should be looking for is if your website is user-friendly on mobiles, the links and buttons are visible enough to click on a small device, and if it’s intuitive to use and navigate on the mobile version. You want to make sure that the actions that you want your visitors to take on your website are as easy to perform as they are on desktops or laptops.

Do your spring cleaning now If some or all of these sound a bit like your website, then it’s time you start planning your spring cleaning now. Spring is the best time for you to refresh and clean up your website to give your business a new life. But if you think it’s too technical or overwhelming for you to do on your own, our team of experts are here to help. Check out some of our works here or contact us for a chat so we can take the drudgery out of your spring cleaning for you.

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